ClinAxys® for Healthcare

ClinAxys® provides the capability of Healthcare sample processing that runs in parallel to Clinical Trials sample processing on the same database.

The benefits of the system include:

Comprehensiveness and Ease of Use

  • The user has all the familiar ClinAxys® functionality including result flagging, reflex addition and flexible reporting
  • Special sample accessioning screens designed specifically for Healthcare with options for additional information as required
  • Non-study based samples can be processed for specific areas of operation
  • Both input to and output from the database can be automated using, for example, HL7 protocol or many other country-specific protocols.

Quality, Security & Reporting

  • The same strict QA procedures are applied to Healthcare sampling as with Clinical Trials
  • Users’ access can be restricted to only Healthcare samples or only Clinical samples
  • Full, flexible reporting
  • Extensive information is available on the originator of a request (e.g. consultant) and the billing process.
ClinAxys® gives us the business advantage and flexibility of running routine Health samples that are outside any study protocol framework but use the same strict regulatory requirements and auditability that is standard throughout the system. Sample reception and reporting are customisable to our doctor clients’ needs.

Streamlined, secure Healthcare sample processing with ClinAxys®.

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